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October 28, 2016

Physical Therapy Focus: Top 10 Tips For Helping Kids Succeed by Amy Sturkey


October is National Physical Therapy Month and we are celebrating with the APTA #choosePT

Each physical therapist on our staff of 6 will share a bit of expertise, including Amy Sturkey PT C/NDT!

Amy is one of the most tenured pediatric therapists on the Child and Family Development team and has almost 30 years of clinical experience! She is infamous around here for her fun-loving therapy sessions.

Here are her 10 TIPS for helping children succeed in treatment:

  1. Find something to adore in every single child. The more, the better.
  2. When you first see a child, show them you are excited to see them. My model is the family dog.  I fail at this regularly, but I really try.
  3. Honor each and every promise to the child. A child has to trust you to work hard for you.
  4. Say ‚ÄúPlease‚Äù and ‚ÄúThank you‚Äù. 
  5. Try to say at least 80% positive comments or encouragements to the child.
  6. Try to see life from the child‚Äôs eyes.  What does it feel like to be him or her?  What can I do to help that child be successful? That is MY job.
  7. Children are just like adults. They learn best when they are having  fun.
  8. Be interested in whatever the child is interested in. If you are not, fake it convincingly.
  9. For my hour with a child, I try to make sure that child feels that she or he is more important than anything else. Phone calls and distractions just have to wait.
  10. Celebrate every piece of progress with genuine enthusiasm. Show the child you believe in him, even on the tough days. You have to KNOW that she can do it. If you believe in the child unwaveringly, then he will start to believe in himself.

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