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Our goal is to remediate delays and maximize potential. We offer individual and small group services.

Developing a plan

Evaluation & Treatment of High Risk

Infants & Preschoolers

For children whose beginnings were more problematic, including conditions as prematurity, complicated pregnancies and deliveries, or early diagnosed developmental delays. We endorse early intervention and use early screening/assessments to monitor and track progress.

Developmental Screenings

Infants & Preschoolers

For young children, whose parents want guidance and information about the typically progressing child as well as the child who may have delays. We look at a broad range of skill development, seeking to guide families as we explore the areas of strength and areas of potential improvement in children.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations

All Ages

For any age who exhibits emotional, developmental, educational, medical, or behavioral problems. Our primary referral sources are the pediatric medical community, schools, and parents. We work closely with your child's doctor or school to tailor the evaluation and answer questions needed to maximize growth potential.

Parent Based Services


These programs are designed to teach parents how to play a proactive role in helping their children reach developmental milestones. Parent education is also offered on many topics.

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Treatment paths

Educational Services

ADHD and other attention difficulties
Learning Differences and Disabilities

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Occupational Therapy

Developmental Skill Acquisition
Delayed motor or self-care skills
Motor Planning
Sensory Integration

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Physical Therapy

Balance & Coordination
Strength & Flexibility
Gross Motor Skill Acquisition
Postural Alignment
Range of Motion
Surgical Rehabilitation

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Psychological Services

Anxiety and mood
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Behavioral problems
Learning disabilities

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Specialty Services

ABA Therapy
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluations
Bowel and Bladder Clinic
Feeding Clinic
Multidisciplinary Developmental Evaluations (24-48 months)
Pain Clinic
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Social Skills Groups

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Speech-language Therapy

Articulation/ Phonemic Awareness
Auditory Processing
Oral Movement for speech and eating
Voice/ Fluency

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