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Our focus is to maximize the potential of every child with a holistic approach to therapy. We believe that a child of any age is connected to their family, friends, and community and makes a valuable contribution to our world.

Our Offices

We have two convenient locations in Midtown and Pineville. Our space is casual and family-friendly. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable. Our lobbies are cozy and our therapy rooms are fun. It is common to find moms, dads, siblings or other caregivers taking it easy on the lobby sofa or getting involved in the therapy rooms.

Since 1980

Established in 1980, Child and Family has become a hallmark service provider for assessing the needs of children and establishing recommended treatment plans. Our team of highly skilled therapists are frequently recognized for the advanced level of training and expertise required to deliver quality services.  In 1980 we laid the foundation, today we continue a tradition to develop our community, foster integrity and continually create progress.

Two convenient locations

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Our Services

Educational Services

ADHD and other attention difficulties
Learning Differences and Disabilities

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Occupational Therapy

Developmental Skill Acquisition
Delayed motor or self-care skills
Motor Planning
Sensory Integration

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Physical Therapy

Balance & Coordination
Strength & Flexibility
Gross Motor Skill Acquisition
Postural Alignment
Range of Motion
Surgical Rehabilitation

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Psychological Services

Anxiety and mood
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Behavioral problems
Learning disabilities

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Specialty Services

ABA Therapy
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluations
Bowel and Bladder Clinic
Feeding Clinic
Multidisciplinary Developmental Evaluations (24-48 months)
Pain Clinic
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Social Skills Groups

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Speech-language Therapy

Articulation/ Phonemic Awareness
Auditory Processing
Oral Movement for speech and eating
Voice/ Fluency

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