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August 24, 2016

Physical therapist, Dr. Jill Pfund completes pediatic taping course

Physical therapist, Jill Pfund DPT recently completed an Evidence-Based Kinesiology Taping for Pediatrics course from Summit

The course included techniques for orthopedic, neurologic, genetic and other pediatric related diagnoses that can immediately improve children’s posture, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, oral motor skills and decrease pain and scarring.  

Jill shares, “Taping is a great way to send my hands home with clients. The tape can give tactile reminders for posture, to help facilitate clients using muscles that they aren’t used to recruiting with certain movements.  It can also help alleviate pain and swelling in some cases. This course allowed me to review and practice different taping techniques that will assist me in helping clients achieve their best possible outcome.”   

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