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August 23, 2017

Orton-Gillingham services at Child & Family Development


Child and Family Development educational specialists are trained experts in Orton Gillinghama methodology of reading instruction for people with dyslexia developed by a neurologist, an educator and psychologist.  

According to their website, Institute for Multi-Sensory Education, this theory combines multi-sensory techniques along with the structure of the English language. Those items taught include phonemes and morphemes, such as prefixes, suffixes, and roots and common spelling rules.  Multi-sensory education incorporates the three learning pathways, which are: auditory, kinesthetic, and visual. 

Features of Orton Gillingham:

  • an intensive, sequential phonic-based system teaches the basics of word formation before whole meanings.
  • accommodates and utilizes the three learning modalities through which people learn
    • visual
    • auditory
    • kinesthetic
  • flexibility to allow for individual learning style

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