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July 5, 2016

Occupational therapist Kim Toomer completes Handwriting Without Tears courses


Kim Toomer MOT MOTR/L, occupational therapist, recently completed 2 award winning Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT) courses called:

  • Get Set for School¬Æ Pre-K Readiness
  • Writing Workshop and K-5 Handwriting Workshop

The Pre-K Readiness course recommends the use of lively music and playful activities to help young children build a solid foundation for school success. This workshop introduced a readiness curriculum full of developmentally appropriate activities that teach children about letters, body awareness, numbers, sequencing, and sharing, all foundational skills for writing and school readiness.

The K-5 Handwriting Workshop offered many engaging multisensory techniques and research-based methods to make handwriting a natural and automatic skill for children of all ages and abilities. Dynamic instruction methods for teaching and remediating children‚Äôs handwriting skills from kindergarten pre-writing through school-aged cursive were included. 

Kim says, “I am so glad to have participated in these dynamic continuing education courses! After completing these courses, I have a whole toolbox of new activities and ideas for teach Pre-K readiness and handwriting (both print and cursive), as well as remediating any handwriting difficulties children may have. I look forward to implementing these research-based methods in my pediatric practice.”

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