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August 8, 2016

Gross Motor Milestones: Toddler (24-36 months)


Gross Motor Milestones: Toddler (24-36 months)

Imitates standing on one foot for 3 seconds
Walks backwards
Jumps down from 16″ high step and jumps 18-24″ forward
Runs with greater speed, avoids or stops at obstacles
Rides Tricycle
Walks on tiptoes a few steps
Begins to hop on one foot
Begins to pedal a tricycle

Walks up stairs with one foot on each step without a railing
Walks down stairs with one or both feet on each step without a railing

Ball Skills
Catches large 12 inch ball progressing to smaller 8 inch ball

Throws tennis ball overhand or underhand 8-10 feet forward

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