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October 19, 2016

FUNDANOODLE Play Date at C&FD: Learn the WRITE way


C&FD is pleased to host a Fundanoodle event! 

Fundanoodle Senior Ambassador, Catherine Hecksher, Amy Hanna MAT, C&FD Educational Specialist and Meghan Davidson-Palmer MS OTR/L, C&FD Occupational Therapist will connect play and child development. 

Who: For Parents & Caregivers; you may bring one 3-6 year-old!

When: Saturday, December 3rd @ 10-11am

Where: Child & Family Development‚Äì Midtown, 4012 Park Road, Suite 200, Charlotte NC 28209

Why: The Fundanoodle Ambassador will present Max & Alphie products and kits.  The Child & Family Development educator and occupational therapist will share information about developmental milestones.

  • Learn about products and kits that support child development
  • Engage with your child and enjoy interactive activities
  • Expert Q&A with Fundanoodle representatives and C&FD staff
  • Shop! Holidays are coming!! 


Space is limited so RSVP to reserve your spot here