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February 10, 2023

FUN Activities for Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl LVII is this Sunday! Whether you are an Eagles or Chiefs fan, a sports enthusiast, or just love to cheer the team on, one thing is certain – Super Bowl weekend is FUN! It is also the perfect time to focus on gross motor skills through play. Below are some physical therapist recommended activities that are not only football themed, but are easy to set up using items you already have at home.

  1. Create an agility ladder: If your child is playing outside, chalk is perfect for this activity. If playing indoors, using painters tape or masking tape works well. Using chalk or tape, make 1 or 2 vertical or horizontal lines for jumping. Create challenges for jumping with 2 feet or 1 foot, jumping forward or sideways, etc. This activity supports lower extremity strength & power, coordination, visual attention, and sequencing.
  2. Throwing and catching: Take the game of catch and kick it up a notch. Try setting up targets to hit or try to throw the football through a hula hoop to work on upper extremity coordination and visual perceptual integration.
  3. Run, Run, Run: Set up a course for your child to run football routes or plays. If you have cones, these work well but if not, try using cans of food. Use timers for a 40 yard dash and challenge your child to beat their own time. Running drills, football plays and sprinting supports lower extremity strength & power, as well as, cardiovascular endurance.

These activities are fun for all ages and can be modified based on your child’s ability. As you gear up for the big game this weekend, don’t forget to get outside and have some fun.