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October 30, 2017

Fall Exercise: Physical Therapy Around The House with Katie Eggleston Kennedy DPT


Katie Eggleston Kennedy DPT, physical therapist at the Pineville office of Child and Family Development, emphasizes that we can improve our health and build motor skills not just in a physical therapy session or gym, but in everyday events and activities already happening around the house.

In October, Katie has ideas about autumn exercise options 

The cooler weather is a relief from the sweltering summer temperatures, meaning you can stay outside longer and play without overheating! try these activities in the backyard, park or neighborhood: 

‚Ä¢ Tag games- freeze tag, tunnel tag (if you‚Äôre tagged, you stand with legs apart and another teammate has to crawl under you to ‚Äúunfreeze‚Äù you!), snake tag (everyone tagged has to join hands and becomes ‚Äúit‚Äù as well!), or Marco Polo on land will all help with overall strength and endurance

• Touch or flag football pick-up games for hand eye coordination, endurance, and agility

• Bike or scooter rides to work on balance and coordination

BONUS: Sneak in gross motor exercise and sensory input by way of fall chores: raking leaves, dragging bagged leaves to the curbside, planting a fall garden, or for the older ones…helping to mow the lawn and move wheelbarrows around when cleaning the yard