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May 19, 2016

Education Intensives for Summer


Make time for learning this summer!

Our Educational Specialists offer Intensive Programs based on grade levels and subject areas. Programs are based on rising grade levels in Fall 2016. 

Kids can benefit from just one program or a series of programs over time. 

Individual or small group intensives are available.



Kindergarten Readiness: Pre-K and T-K students; Instruction builds pre-academic skills in reading, writing and math, as well as listening.

Math:  Mostly grades 1-6; Instruction is based on a multi-sensory approach to learning grade-level specific math skills that align with the Common Core standards.

Basic Reading: Mostly grades 1-5; Instruction focuses on stimulating and strengthening the underlying processing areas of phonological awareness and memory in order to improve sound awareness, word decoding, spelling, word recognition and reading fluency.

Writing: Mostly grades 1-5; Instruction focuses on helping students organize their thinking while executing a written piece. By creating an awareness of the various types of writing, as well as opportunities to plan and interact with various topics.  Students will learn strategies for improving their overall written expression skills.

Reading Comprehension: Mostly grades 1-5; Instruction focuses on using grade-level appropriate text to improve higher-order thinking skills so students can share main ideas, infer, predict and summarize written and verbal information.

Executive Functioning Skills (Elementary): Grades 3-5; Using research based practices, students will engage in interactive and fun activities that teach and promote age appropriate executive functioning skills.  By creating an awareness of executive skills across various settings and providing opportunities to practice those skills.  Students will learn strategies to support life-long learning.

Executive Functioning Skills (Middle School/High School): Grades 6-12; Students will be supported and encouraged as they learn strategies for strengthening their executive functioning skills.  Using research based practices and interactive lessons, middle and high school students will reflect on their personal learning styles and learn to apply various strategies in a meaningful way. 


Jessica DeLing, M.Ed., Educational Specialist;; 704-332-4834  ext.123

Mary ‚ÄúMo‚Äù Froneberger, MAT, Educational Specialist;; 704-541-9080  ext. 219

Marie Arrington, MAT, NBCT, Educational Specialist;; 704-541-9080 ext. 218    

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