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October 22, 2014

Do you know about the Leave for Parental Involvement in Schools Law in North Carolina?

lawParent- Teacher Conference, School Play or Field Trip? Parents have a right to participate. North Carolina has a law that allows parents to take unpaid time off of work to participate in their child‚Äôs school activities. The law is named, Leave for Parental Involvement in Schools Law.

North Carolina employers are required to grant up to four hours of leave per year so you are able to freely participate in your child’s school activities. It is not, however, per school year and it is not four hours per child; it is simply four hours of unpaid leave for the year, no matter how many children you have. Make sure to provide your company with a written request at least 48 hours prior to the time you would like to request off and make sure it is during a time that is agreeable between you and your employer.

Contact Marie Pacini, Educational Specialist at Child and Family Development, to discuss any other questions you may have in regards to your right as a parent of a school-aged child. She can be reached at or (704) 541-9080 ext. 218.

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