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April 23, 2014

Child and Family Development offers Handwriting Without Tears® services

Now that I have completed more Handwriting Without Tears¬Æ (HWT) training, Kati Berlin is busily preparing for summer handwriting groups at the Pineville office.

Handwriting Without Tears® is a great program with many online resources, including a HWT Connections monthly email. It has great ideas for home activities, as well as classroom activities. This month, they spotlighted some easy home activities that support fine motor skill development and spatial awareness needed for handwriting success:

  • using tongs or tweezers to pick up small items and place them in a container: this is a great activity for finger strengthening, grasp strengthening and fine motor coordination!
  • write letters on clothespins and have children form words with them by clipping them on a surface: this activity supports spelling, pinch strengthening and left to right sequencing!
  • pop bubble wrap between your fingers: this activity is great for fine motor strengthening and finger opposition!
  • play Twister¬Æ: this activity is great for right/left differentiation, body awareness, motor planning, and trunk and arm strengthening needed to support handwriting.
  • make confetti with a hole punch: using a hole punch is great practice and strengthening for using scissors.  It supports bilateral coordination and hand strengthening!
  • use spray bottles filled with water to make letters on the sidewalk: this activity supports letter formation, hand strengthening, and gross motor coordination!
  • hide small objects or pennies in play dough: this activity can also be completed with clay to increase the challenge. It supports grasp and hand strengthening!
  • encourage and support your kids as they play on the monkey bars: this activity supports grasp, arm, and trunk strengthening. It also supports endurance and motor planning!

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Look for more posts about the handwriting groups coming soon to Child and Family Development or contact me right away at or 704-541-9080 ext. 210.   


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