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March 9, 2014

All in a days work…A reflection as a Speech Language Pathologist

Sometimes, at the end of a long day, I sit and reflect on all the children I worked with throughout the day. I feel blessed for many reasons, but most of all for finding a career that completely fulfills me and challenges me every day.  As a speech language pathologist, many may not be aware, but we are really a jack of all trades.  Today alone, I worked with a group of young boys on their social skills, a baby and her mommy on feeding skills, a non-verbal teenager learning to use an Augmentative Communication device, a toddler beginning to use sign language and first words, an 18 year old girl about to go off to college on her articulation, and a teenage boy with cerebral palsy on his oral motor skills related to feeding and speech.  Each child and family comes to me with a different need, and lots of hope. I get to determine the best way to help them meet their goals.  How cool is that?! Every day I come to work at Child and Family Development, I know that I will face  challenges, but most importantly, I know that I will get to spend time with some pretty awesome kids and parents, meeting milestones and goals along the way.

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