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Common questions

When should my child be evaluated?

While there are developmental standards, every child will grow his/her skills at a different pace. See the developmental chart on this website as a general guide. If your child’s physician or teacher expresses a concern, we recommend a formal evaluation. Of course, a parent’s intuition is very reliable. Call us if you have a question.

How do I choose a good place for therapy?

A good therapy provider is established with the community- both families and professionals. You should hear good things from others about the place. A good provider has pediatric experience, including work and ongoing education in the field. The focus should be on children, rather than a large mix of clientele. A provider should offer a complete service, including communication with the family and other involved professionals, like a teacher and pediatrician, and provide regular verbal and written updates about your child’s progress.

How are parents involved in evaluation and therapy?

During the evaluation process, we gather a history via a parent/caregiver interview and solicit additional information from you to guide the assessment, write treatment goals, and develop home recommendations. During therapy, the clinician and parent determine what is optimal for the child; parents are often in the treatment room, but may also wait in the lobby to allow for “1 on 1” interactions. Clinicians provide feedback at the end of every session. A home program, including suggested activities and other recommendations, are also provided regularly as a part of the treatment process. Of course, having a good model and cheerleader at home expedites progress!

How often will I come in? How long will treatment last?

Every child is unique, and these factors will vary. The clinician will recommend a frequency based on the child’s evaluation results and treatment goals. We offer treatments that range from several times per week to occasional consultations. As treatment progresses and the clinician becomes more familiar with your child’s strengths, a more specific plan can develop. Based on the goals and your child’s response to therapy, the frequency and duration of treatment may be refined. Please note that your insurance/ Medicaid benefit plan may have visit limitations.

What can I do at home?

Along with a written evaluation report and treatment plan, we provide home programs, including suggested activities and other recommendations. We may also provide recommendations for school and other settings, as needed. Home program recommendations may be provided to families in a number of different ways, such as a written list or verbal instructions at each session. These recommendations are designed for each child to facilitate progress by increasing carryover of skills outside of the therapy session.

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