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September 19, 2017

Technology Tuesday: dictation with Dragon Naturally Speaking


Follow us throughout September as Marie Arrington MAT, educational specialist, highlights how technology can help students from preschool to college. 

Dictating the Details

Dictation, also referred to as voice-to-text or speech-to-text, is another wonderful form of assistive technology that is perfect for those adolescents who struggle with writing efficiently and legibly. To put it simply, dictation is when your child states what they want to write into a microphone (on a phone, tablet, or computer) and their words are then typed out onto the screen. Many of you probably already use this function when texting! For an adolescent who has to write an entire report or essay for school, dictation can be a huge time saver!

Marie‚Äôs Must-Have for Dictation Software: Dragon Naturally Speaking

Available at a wide range of prices, the cheapest being $75. Although this product is pricey, it comes highly recommended by professionals as well as many of our psychologists and educators here at Child and Family Development. Dr. Chris Vrabel, Psy.D. and Jessica DeLing, M.Ed. use Dragon and they both agree that they are more efficient at what they do because of it! Learn more here:  

Contact Marie at 704-541-9080 ext. 216 to develop a list for your student.