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December 12, 2016

FUNctional holiday mealtime gift ideas from the C&FD Occupational Therapy team

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The multidisciplinary pediatric therapy team at Child and Family Development is rounding up some FUNctional gift ideas for the 2016 holiday season!

Here are some mealtime/ feeding suggestions from our occupational therapists:

  • Dinner Do’s Kids Dinnerware Plates Food Faces: Play with your food! This will facilitate more food play to expose picky eaters to non-preferred foods in a less stressful way.
  • Kids Cookie Cutters: Cookie cutters help children learn to accept foods in different presentations.  Plastic ones by Wilton are safe for little fingers.
  • Constructive Eating Plate and Utensils Set: Kids are more likely to interact with non-preferred foods with this cool plate.
  • Garden Plate and Utensils Set: Same fun play with your food concept as above, with different theme/ interests.

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