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March 7, 2019

Yoga & Mindfulness

By: Mallory Bushee, OTR/L

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great channel on YouTube full of yoga and mindfulness sessions that I love for kids! The videos promote coordination, regulation, balance, strengthening, stretching, attention, and much more! The videos vary in length from 1 minute to 1 hour and they range in areas of interest from Disney movies and nursery rhymes to Star Wars and super heroes. You and your kids can become masters of the core strengthening boat pose as you journey with Moana, build breath support in hot air balloon pose as you fly over the safari, improve balance in warrior pose on a winter adventure with Pedro the Penguin, or challenge your coordination and flexibility with Spider Man’s spider pose. The videos are guided mindfulness or movement activities led by Jamie who provides great entertainment to keep kiddos interested. Some videos are catered to bedtime or morning yoga flows. Some isolate a single pose for strengthening or balance and breathing or thoughtfulness. Others work on sequencing between poses following a storyline. Each video is a fun adventure that can benefit your child’s body and mind!