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November 14, 2014

What’s the problem, sensory processing or behavior?

Is it a behavior issue or sensory processing difficulties? Melissa Petcu, Occupational Therapist knows it can be challenging to decide. 



When a child has difficulty processing different sensory input, he may present with difficult behaviors, impulsivity, resistance to trying new tasks, and decreased attention.  An occupational therapist can help provide support and strategies for overcoming sensory processing difficulties.

It can be tricky to distinguish the root cause of some of the symptoms. If your child has seen an occupational therapist for some of these symptoms and it doesn’t look like sensory processing is the culprit, try talking with a pediatric psychologist.

One of the advantages of a multi-disciplinary practice like Child and Family Development is access to many pediatric therapists.  Our team collaborates regularly and can work together to find the right diagnosis and best interventions.  Our psychologists have extensive training in areas such as anxiety, ADHD, and behavior; all of which can have many of the same symptoms of a sensory processing disorder.