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August 26, 2016

Wear & Tear: a tip for getting kids dressed each morning

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One of the Child and Family Development team members is a mother of two with a creative knack for saving time! Here’s one of her great ideas:
I use inexpensive shoe organizers to manage getting my kids dressed each day. These have lasted for years, despite a little wear and tear (pun intended).
Each shelf has a full outfit (shorts, shirt, underwear, socks) with the appropriate shoes underneath that they are allowed to wear.  They can choose any outfit they want each morning,  The only rule is that each outfit on each ‚Äúshelf‚Äù has to stay together.  As the seasons change, I switch out the shoes and outfits. 
If there is a ‚Äúspecial dress‚Äù day at the school, then I will pull that item out the night before and place it on the floor by his shoes.  My son knows that it means there is a special day and all of the kids will be wearing it and therefore he should wear it too. 
My older child has a little more flexibility.  During the school year, I also create a calendar that includes the special dates. It hangs near the closet and let him manage it instead of placing it on the floor. 
It‚Äôs such a habit in our house that there are no questions asked! 
Great idea!