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October 23, 2015

Tummy Time: advice from a physical therapist AND mom of infant son


Leslie Cordero, DPT, a physical therapist at the Pineville office of Child and Family Development, recently returned to work from maternity leave after having a baby in July. Becoming a mom gives her a new found perspective that she shares here: 

“When you are a new parent, there are so many new worries such as, checking his breathing in the crib at night every hour, cleaning up a new spit up three hours after eating a bottle, wondering which lotion is the best to use on his face for eczema‚Ķ the list goes on and on.

As a physical therapist, one of my main focuses was to ensure that my child‚Äôs head did not become flat in the back and that he got enough tummy time.  I came up with a rule for tummy time that works in our house.  We started this routine on day #3, when we got home from the hospital! 

TUMMY TIME TIP: After each diaper change, typically before a bottle, I would place our baby on his stomach on the floor or over a boppy pillow for 5 minutes.  He may not lift his head off the floor the entire 5 minute period, but at least he was getting some time off of the back of his head.  Also, when napping right beside me, I would place him on his stomach.   I found these tactics to work and now he doesn‚Äôt mind being on his stomach.  

Most babies, including mine, spend most of the day on their backs in a swing, car seat or crib.  It is hard to commit to the tummy time routine.  If your child spits up after eating, it is almost impossible. 

I hope this TUMMY TIME TIP helps your family get into a good routine with tummy time. 

I am always excited to watch my son grow and meet developmental milestones. Let me know if I can help your family!”