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Ann S. Guild, CCC, SLP | CFD Speech Language Pathologist (1989-2018)

During my almost 30 years at C&FD [as a Speech Therapist] , I frequently shared with staff that it had never occurred to me to look elsewhere in Charlotte for work. The NDT philosophy of the practice meshed totally with my therapy vision.  There was no other place in Charlotte that provided that multidisciplinary approach in such a nurturing environment.  Even with all of the changes in healthcare delivery, C&FD has maintained that standard.

I have experienced the evolution of C&FD as it grew from just a few therapists in the little house on Morehead to what it is today.  From changes in buildings to changes in staff, C&FD has maintained the same philosophy.  C&FD allowed each of us to develop our strengths.  They encouraged us to focus on the skill sets we wished to add .  The results kept C&FD growing in new directions.  As a clinician, being encouraged to keep growing fit with my goal of being  a lifelong learner.

Being encouraged to continue teaching clinicians within the practice and through NDTA allowed me to share what I had learned and to always be learning more.  I hope that by sharing my knowledge and experience I helped C&FD grow as well.

What I valued most was the opportunity to work with amazing kids and their amazing families.  Watching the kids grow in their abilities and in their family and community participation was so rewarding.  When I look back at specific kids and families, I marvel at what they have become. The friendships I have with C&FD therapists and staff and with families enriched my life and, I hope, theirs.