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June 16, 2013

Take A Second Look at Vision: Developmental Optometry

Developmental optometry screening Child & Family Development Charlotte NC In an occupational therapy evaluation at Child and Family Development, we use a holistic approach and look at the whole child. This may mean that we will include a vision screening.

In a screening, we don’t determine whether or not a child’s vision is 20/20 or if their eyes are healthy. We determine whether or not the eyes work together as a team, such as while tracking moving objects while the head remains still or moving smoothly without any jumps.

If we do suspect that eye movements may be a contributing factor to a child’s skill difficulties or visual understanding of what they see, we may recommend a full developmental optometry evaluation.

One of the community providers who our team works closely with is Dr. Philip Bugaiski at the Developmental Vision Center in Charlotte. Click here to read some information that Dr. Bugaiski offers parents about vision therapy and vision assessments. 

If you are concerned about your child’s handwriting, fine motor coordination, cutting, or visual skills, an occupational therapy evaluation may be helpful to narrow down the contributing factors. After we find the underlying difficulties, skill develoment can be targeted so that your child can be more successful.

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