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July 15, 2015

Summer speech and language fun with Amy Elder, speech therapist

Amy Elder, MA CCC-SLP, a speech therapist at Child and Family Development, contributed to the Fun in the Sun board in the Midtown lobby with a list of everyday activities that are easily transformed into expressive and receptive language development, including: 


1. Make a packing list for vacation, by describing and guessing the needed items. For example, “you need something to keep from getting a sunburn, it’s white and it goes all over your body”.

2.  Go swimming and then have 10 things they saw at the pool. Do the same thing after a visit to the zoo, the mall and everywhere! 

3.  Go to the movies! Then describe the movie to someone who did not see it.  Drawing can help to remember the details.  

4.  Name words that are associated with the 4th of July.  Who can come up with the most or take turns. 

5.  Plan a meal and make a shopping list of ingredients. 

6.  Cook together. Name the utensils, the actions and read and follow directions of the recipe. 

7.  Play “I Spy” at the beach or anywhere. Name 5 things that start with a certain letter (i.e. beach, ball, blanket)

8.  Play scavenger hunt. Walk through the house and find as many things as you can that start with a certain letter.  Taking pictures of the items to talk about them later is a bonus! 

9.  Have a picnic. Make a list of the things that are needed then pack it up. 

10.  Have a chat. Reminisce about a favorite experience or memory. 

11.  Play alphabet games, such as “I’m going on a trip and I need to pack…”, such as “apples”, “bathing suit” and “crayons”.  Make it harder by remembering what other people said. 

12.  Be a weather man! Go outside, then describe the weather to other family members. 

13.  Plan an obstacle course, inside or out. Set it up and then decide the order of steps, using first, next and last.  

14.  Order from the menu for practice using clear speech, good sounds and interactions with others.