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July 3, 2015

Speech therapist endorses holiday fireworks tips from Autism Speaks

Stephanie Gerlich MS CCC-SLP, speech therapist at Child and Family Development endorses this list from Autism Speaks about helping kids and teens with autism enjoy the 4th of July. 


Their tips include:

  • Prepare your child. Talk about what’s going to happen at the party or fireworks display. You can show a video of fireworks — perhaps playing it quietly first, then slowly turning up the volume.
  • Focus on the fun! Let your child know that you’re excited to attend, and describe the activities you know they will enjoy.
  • Bring along favorite items such as toys, games and snacks. Provide distractions if your child gets antsy.
  • Defining a space with a blanket, towel, or chair can help a child with autism feel more comfortable in a crowd.
  • Bring headphones to help block out some of the sound, or consider sitting some distance away to avoid the intense noise.
  • Make sure your child knows how to ask for a break from the crowd or noise. If your child is verbal, he/she may need a reminder. However, many children do best with a visual aid. For example, provide your child with a special card to hand to you when he or she needs a break from the stimulation.
  • As always, make sure safety is a priority!

Enjoy Independence Day!