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June 13, 2017

Social Skills & Coping for girls with anxiety: WOW Program


Winning Over Your Worries (the WOW program) is designed to be an inspiring way for girls to get support and insight from others who also live with anxiety.

The WOW program is led by Ashley Kies, Ph.D., LPA and other members of the psychology team. Dr. Kies leads discussions, introduces positive coping skills and coaches participants on how to apply the skills in social situations. Girls learn about negative thinking patterns and how they impact mood. Instead of accepting those anxious thoughts as true, girls learn to identify and challenge those thoughts.

Activities and discussions encourage everyone to generate more realistic versions of situations and help everyone develop coping skills to manage anxiety. Meetings also include group discussions, relaxation training, guided imagery, and mindfulness activities. Resources about anxiety and these new skills are shared with parents.

This experience may be an adjunct to individual therapy and can be extremely valuable in helping your child/adolescent feel understood and less alone. Each girl participates in group discussions and has the opportunity to share her experiences and get feedback from others. With peer support, she is encouraged to face her fears and win over her worries!


This summer, sessions will be scheduled at participant’s mutual availability and convenience.

Regular attendance is strongly encouraged to build continuity of skills. Attendees make more progress with consistent attendance to review and practice skills. 


Programs are offered in 10 session bundles. Full payment of $500.00 is required at the time of enrollment.  These sessions are not billable to insurance and are non-refundable.

Unexpected provider-canceled sessions will be rescheduled to a designated make-up date and offered at no additional cost.

To ensure optimal placement, a diagnostic interview is required before enrolling to review presenting concerns and medical history. This service may be billable to insurance.  Most of our psychologists are in-network with Aetna and BCBS.  


Ashley Kies PhD, 704-332-4834 ext. 137

Aleks Liss PsyD, 704-332-4834 ext. 136

As interest exists, the program may be expanded to include people of other ages and skill levels.

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