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April 4, 2016

sensory processing: clothing recs from occupational therapists 

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The team of occupational therapists at Child and Family Development enjoy helping kids, teens and young adults address their sensory processing challenges, especially the ones that impact daily life.  Finding clothing can be difficult as there are many factors that can cause discomfort: 

  • itchy tags
  • harsh materials
  • exposed bands

These days, there is a growing market of companies that produce and sell sensory-friendly clothing to accommodate people’s preferences.  Here are a list of resources and links

  • Blossom for Children: quality, affordable and attractive items to make life brighter, nicer and easier
  • EZ Sox: looping socks to empower anyone to complete this task on their own
  • Fun and Function: clothing for people with sensory preferences including graphic print compression items
  • Hand Made by the Seeds of 3: softened and flattened seams with no buttons, zippers, etc. 
  • Honest Company: full coverage swim diapers
  • Jorgenson’s: sensory friendly items have extra soft fabric, wide and smooth necklines, finder tags (with name and phone) and cute designs
  • Kickee Pants: designed for kids with special needs to be unrestricting that includes dresses, pants, underwear, leggings and pajamas
  • Kozie Clothes: clothing that provides proprioceptive and tactile sensory input and medically engineered clothing for preemies and toddlers 
  • Lucky and Me: luxurious underwear that is tagless, decorative and super soft
  • No Netz: anti-chafe, anti-bacterial swimwear
  • Pip Squeakers: “no-squeak” shoewear that are stimulating, safe, flexible and lightweight
  • Skinnies: therapeutic clothing products that aid recovery from eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions, designed to be seamless and anti-irritant 
  • Smart Knit Kids: seamless products that don’t wrinkle or bunch 
  • Soft Clothing:  founded by a mom and teacher; uses organic cotton, non-toxic dyes, printed labels and flat seams
  • SPIO: flexible compression bracing designed by a seamstress and an occupational therapist 
  • Teres Kids: stylish line made for comfort and activity
  • Therapro: sensory smart vests, shirts, socks and pants, including compression and weighted garments
  • World’s Softest Socks: low cut quarter, mini crew and over the calf options that are super soft and sensory sensitive

Occupational therapy evaluations include standardized and normed data that highlight a person’s sensory processing preferences and difficulties across all senses. Customized recommendations are also included.  Call us to get started with a free phone intake.   


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