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July 14, 2018

Receptive Language in the Fist Year

Receptive language is what your child understands. It is an important part of early language development and is often forgotten. Some examples of early receptive language skills include following 1-2 step directions, identifying objects/pictures, recognizing actions in pictures/verbs in play, and identifying body parts/clothing. Below is a list of receptive language milestones for children ages 0-12 months (information taken from The Early Intervention Kit, LinguiSystems).

0-3 months

• Quiets to a familiar voice

‚Ä¢ Moves in response to voice. 

• Discriminates between angry and friendly voices

3-6 months

• Begins to recognize own name

• Responds to “no”

• Smiles in response to speech

6-9 months

• Responds to “no” most of the time

• Moves toward or looks for family members when named

• Responds to “come here” (if your child is mobile)

9-12 months

• Responds to some verbal requests such as giving objects and gesturing when asked “Want up?”

• Identifies 2 body parts on self

• Participates in speech routine games, such as “So Big”