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February 13, 2019

Ready to Print

By: Kati Berlin, OTR/L

I like to use apps on my tablet to keep things interesting and engaging during therapy sessions.  My favorite pre-writing app is “Ready to Print” by Essare LLC.  This app has so many things to offer including an “ordered touch” and “touch and drag” section which are great for visual scanning and working on left to right directionality for drawing.  It also requires the child to cross the midline of their body when tracing in horizontal.  The “matching” section requires the child to drag colorful shapes down into the matching outline which addresses visual scanning as well as visual discrimination.  There are three sections that work on fine motor control including “paths”, “shapes”, and “connect the dots”.  You can also use a stylus to work on pencil grasp and control in these sections.  It also has sections for “pinching”, “letters”, “touch”, and “free draw”.  This app would be useful for kids 3 years old and up.  Like any app make sure that you are also providing opportunities to practice with other mediums.  Kids love to engage with playdoh, shaving cream, manipulatives, and paint.  Varying how kids work on letter formation helps them to receive tactile input and learn kinesthetically in additional to visually.  Using multi-sensory play and learning creates lasting connections and helps to improve retention.

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