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January 15, 2015

President’s Point Of View: some things never change

Pam Jones is the President of Child and Family Development. Here, she shares her point of view on change as we begin our celebration of 35 years in business. 

TreeIn a world where change is constant, there is peace in comfort knowing some things will never change. Child and Family Development offers the gift of skilled and talented therapists to children and families all across greater Charlotte. There are simply things you cannot learn from an app, you-tube video, or podcast. Our therapists are actively engaged in helping children of all ages reach their potential. The songs we hear in the hallway may change through the years; let‚Äôs face it, with music there really is a ‚ÄúCircle of Life‚Äù and a time to just ‚ÄúLet It Go‚Äù. But, the ability to teach a child to walk, or talk, or write, or be confident, never changes.  In my 20 years here, I‚Äôve witnessed thousands of success stories and I plan on seeing thousands more.  As we celebrate our 35th anniversary this year I continue to be amazed by what I see children accomplish. So, this year, as the trends come and go, music changes, and there‚Äôs yet another app for that, Child and Family Development will still be here doing what we do best. Some things are never meant to change.


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