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January 27, 2015

President’s Point Of View: a little help from my PT friends

Pam Jones is the President of Child and Family Development. Here, she shares her point of view on early intervention. 

TreeI am a the President of C&FD, and while I am passionate about every aspect of my job, my true love is caring for my children. In my role at C&FD I was fortunate to have access to 35 of the most talented, knowledgeable and skilled therapists around. When my, now grown teenage boys were little, and by little I mean 3 months old, I was adamant in making sure they were reaching milestones. At first, it was so I could say ‚Äúyeah, my baby can sit up‚Äù, but I soon realized development was more than just hitting those milestones. My boys were both weak in the core, which I‚Äôm sure had to come from their very athletic father and not from their mom. They worked with physical therapists to develop their core strength, which I learned also impacted fine motor skills, like holding a crayon and handwriting. When it came time to transition from physical therapy to organized sports, they were ready! Both boys have played  football, basketball, and lacrosse competitively, since the age of 5. Meeting milestones is one thing, being prepared to grow and develop is another. I am grateful for my friends and co-workers at C&FD. 


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