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January 21, 2015

Preparing for End-Of-Grade (EOG): talk with the teacher regularly

In North Carolina, elementary school students are required to take End Of Grade (EOG) assessments. Read more about Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools EOG assessments on the CMS website here

At Child and Family Development, Marie Pacini and the other Educators can help kids get prepared through the Strive For Five program. 

Marie is starting a blog series that offers some suggestions you can do now at home and school.  

Her first suggestion is: maintain communication with your child‚Äôs teacher

fiveThe EOGs are a cumulative assessment of all of the standards your child has practiced and learned all year long. Therefore, if your child has struggled with making inferences while reading or solving word problems containing fractions, then this needs to be the area of remediation at home. This does not mean ask the teacher for additional homework in these are

as, but it does mean that you can ask about apps or computer games that focus specifically on these skills. Your child’s teacher should also be able to provide you with specific comprehension questions you can ask your child while they are reading their books at home or skill-based questions based on topics learned in math.

Your child’s teacher is the biggest resource you have so utilize them to your child’s benefit. As a parent, you are there to reinforce and support what was learned at school, so ensure you understand how you can best support your child at home.

Connect with Marie directly if you have questions about EOG assessments or the Strive For Five program:

Read more about the Strive For Five program here

Be on the lookout for the next blog which will discuss ways to establish healthy study habits!