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May 23, 2017

Physical Therapy: GARDENING Around The House with Katie Eggleston DPT


Katie Eggleston DPT, physical therapist at the Pineville office of Child and Family Development, emphasizes that we can improve our health and build motor skills not just in a physical therapy session or gym, but in everyday events and activities already happening around the house.

In May, Katie has ideas about gardening!  This fun family activity can challenge many gross motor skills as an added bonus! 

Have your kids help out with yardwork by carrying watering cans in the garden, raking leaves and grass or doing a “Spring cleaning” scavenger hunt to sneak in some strengthening, coordination and motor planning exercises such as:

  • ‚ÄúGarden themed‚Äù yoga with poses such as tree, waterfall, windmill
  • Wheelbarrow races for arm and core strengthening
  • Playing leapfrog to work on overall strength and coordination
  • Spring animal walks- bunny hops, frog jumps, gallop like a horse