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February 10, 2015

Physical Therapy for kids

CFD_Brochure_PT-1Parents should be actively involved in their child’s physical therapy sessions.  Our team of 6 PTs has these ideas to make most out of pediatric therapy sessions:

  • Tell your physical therapist about significant events in your child‚Äôs medical history, even if you feel that it doesn‚Äôt pertain to this particular appointment.  For example, is there a history of seizures?  It may not seem important but it will give us information that can help to guide things that we may or may not do during treatment.
  • Let your therapist know what other specialists are involved in your child‚Äôs care.  Do they receive therapy at school?  Do they go to any special doctors?  Oftentimes we like to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the area to ensure the best care.
  • Ask questions.  We like to hear things like ‚Äúwhat is this obstacle course helping my child work on?‚Äù or ‚Äúwhat are you looking for when you are working on this activity?‚Äù  Sometimes we can get a little wrapped up in what we are working on but are always more than willing to talk about what we are doing and why we are doing it.
  • Let us know if something new is going on in your child‚Äôs home life.  Sometimes we may see behaviors that are different because of something changing in school or home, and we don‚Äôt know why.  Things like home changes or even medication changes can be channeled into different behaviors.
  • Do your best to follow through on your therapist‚Äôs recommendations.  Between all of the therapists and all of the families that come to see us on a weekly basis, Child and Family Development is a great resource for contacts in the community for things that your child may benefit from.  Also, therapy is designed to be carried over at home.  You will truly see the benefits of therapy much quicker if you are able to carry over some of the work at home.  It‚Äôs all about practice, practice, practice!
  • Have fun with it!  We try our best to find ways to motivate each child in their own way.  We work hard during therapy but like to have fun while we are doing it.  If you are able to keep the same fun environment when doing therapy work at home, you will see good results!

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