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October 27, 2016

Physical Therapy Focus: Benefit of Playing More Than 1 Sport by Jill Pfund DPT


October is National Physical Therapy Month and we are celebrating with the APTA #choosePT

Each physical therapist on our staff of 6 will share a bit of expertise, including Jill Pfund DPT!

Dr. Pfund has a background in sports medicine and athletic training and rehabilitation. Recently, she read an article that supports her belief that it is important for kids to play more than one sport.

Jill understands why kids start specializing in a sport at such a young age. To truly be competitive these days you have to put a lot of work into your sport. That translates into kids starting lessons and travel teams and weekend leagues at a much younger age than they have in the past. Talent and skill in a specific sport have the potential to give kids a very bright future. But, that‚Äôs not always a given.  In her personal and professional opinion, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to early specialization.

This article outlines 5 key advantages to not specializing early on: 

  • Fewer overuse injuries
  • Less opportunity for emotional burnout
  • Exposure to different kids
  • Exposure to different teams and roles on a team
  • Not putting all your eggs in one basket

The thing that stands out to her as a physical therapist is the astounding rise in overuse injuries at a younger age. When kids practice and play multiple sports they develop their musculature in a more well-rounded way. They also save their joints from hurtful, repetitive movements, and they build their bodies as an ATHLETE, not just a basketball player or baseball player. Kids will stay healthier in their sport of choice if they are more well rounded.

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