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August 5, 2013

Pencil Grip Reviews: The Claw and The Grotto Grip

Katie Berlin, Child & Family Development, Charlotte NCThis summer I have been focusing on pencil grasp with a number of my kids. Pencil-grippers are both loved and hated in many circles.

They can be both beneficial and frustrating. And, they can be viewed as a long term tool, a Bandaid, or a short-term tool.

When I use a pencil gripper, it is my goal to use them as a short term tool, but some children may need them for long term use.

Here are some of my favorite pencil grippers that I use in my occupational therapy treatments at Child & Family Development:

the claw gripper, child & family development, charlotte nc









The Claw

The Claw gripper is one of my personal favorites for requring the fingers to maintain a tripod grasp while orienting the fingers around the pencil. It’s a great tool, but it’s not perfect. Some of my kids with sneaky fingers like to get their other fingers in on the action rather than relying on their tripod fingers to control the pencil.


grotto gripper, chilid & family development, charlotte nc

Grotto Grip

The Grotto Grip helps the kids get all of their fingers in the right place by facilitating the tripod grasp and including a curve at the bottom for ring finger placement. It can be great for kids who don’t have difficulty keeping their fingers in the right places once they find them. For some, it is too easy to sneak their fingers out of their designated places and create an all-new grasping pattern.

Should your child use a pencil gripper? Check out  How should my child hold his/her pencil?  to learn more about grasping patterns.

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