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August 6, 2013

Pencil Grip Review, Part 2: Streto Grip and HandiWriter

I had so much to say about pencil grippers that I had to write another blog to cover all of my favorites! Here’s a link to the first set of reviews, in case you missed it. 

Stetro Pencil Gripper, Child & Family Development, Charlotte NC

Stetro Pencil Grip

The Stetro Pencil Grip is great for getting the fingers on the pencil in the right place. It has labels for right and left fingers and provides the lowest level of support for finger placement while doing a great job of creating finger flexion which aids in fine motor coordination of the fingers. This helps the kids use their fingers for control instead of relying on their wrist or arms.

The Handiwriter, Child & Family Development, Charlotte NC


The Handiwriter is one of my new favorites, but it does take a certain level of frustration tolerance to be successful. It is the most beneficial gripper that I have found that facilitates the pencil wresting in the web space. It does this while facilitating three fingers on the pencil while the child holds a small object in the pinkie and ring fingers.

Katie Berlin, Child & Family Development, Charlotte NCFor more information on supporting the development of a strong grasp, check out this blog: Activities to promote a mature pencil grasp for your child.

For most of our kids, simply adding a pencil gripper is not enough to help with difficulty with grasping skills. If you think that your child may benefit from an occupational therapy evaluaiton and you live near the Charlotte area, we at Child and Family Development would be happy to help you. Click here for more information on our services and scheduling ano appointment.

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