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September 9, 2016

Occupational Therapy & Developmental Milestones (18-24 months old)

Occupational Therapy & Developmental Milestones (18-24 months old)

Visual/Fine Motor Skills:

  • Enjoys sensory play such as water play, playdoh, sand, etc.
  • Imitates what adults do such as reading the paper
  • Can place circle and square in puzzle
  • Can pull pop beads apart and put together
  • Snips clumsily with scissors
  • Turns 2-3 pages of book one at a time
  • Begins to imitate line with crayon
Self-Help Skills:
  • Fills spoon and brings to mouth
  • Drinks from cup with little spilling
  • May begin to indicate need to toilet and to use toilet when taken at regular times
  • Takes shoes on and off
  • May help pull pants down

Suggested Toys/Activities:

  • pop beads (large)
  • sandbox play
  • water and pouring toys
  • shape sorter
  • 1-3 piece form puzzle
  • dolls
  • books
  • plastic jar with screw lid
  • crayons
  • paper
  • playdoh

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