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September 7, 2016

Occupational Therapy & Developmental Milestones (13-17 months old)

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Occupational Therapy & Developmental Milestones (13-17 months old)

Visual/Fine Motor Skills:

  • Holds crayon in fist with thumb turned downward
  • Enjoys taking objects out and putting them into containers
  • Stacks 2-3 1″ blocks
  • Rolls or throws ball with increased precision
  • Places round shape in puzzle
  • Helps to turn pages of books
  • Begins to point to familiar objects named while continuing to use the index finger
  • Scribbles purposefully

Self Help Skills:

  • Begins to hold cup with spilling
  • Begins to hold spoon with a fisted grasp
  • Begins to indicate when wets pants
  • Takes off shoes
Suggested Toys/Activities:
  • blocks
  • containers
  • nesting toys
  • crayons
  • 1-3 piece form puzzles
  • hammering toys
  • manipulative toys such as pegs, shape boxes, dish, cup, spoon

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