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September 5, 2016

Occupational Therapy & Developmental Milestones (10-12 months old)

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Occupational Therapy & Developmental Milestones (10-12 months old)

Visual/Fine Motor Skills:

  • Reach is well coordinated and can give toy on request
  • Waves bye
  • Enjoys dropping toys
  • Uncovers toy hidden under towel
  • Begins by putting things into containers
  • Begins to use index finger to point and poke at objects
  • Begins to use thumb and index finger for grasp of tiny objects
  • Interested in pictures
  • May mark on paper or bang crayon
  • Stops mouthing toys

Self Help Skills:

  • Drooling stops
  • Finger feeds well
  • Chews food
  • Cooperates for dressing by holding out arms, legs, feet, etc.

Suggested Toys/Activities:

  • Big peg board
  • Motion toys
  • Picture books
  • Large crayons
  • Baking tin with clothes pins
  • Ring stack
  • Nesting cups

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