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December 22, 2014

Occupational Therapist suggests AOTA toy guide

Katie Haywood, occupational therapist at the Pineville office of Child and Family Development, follows news from the American Occupational Therapy Association.  

Recently, she discovered a handy toy guide that she has shared with many families just in time for the holidays.    


Katie notes the key points are useful to keep in mind for shopping for children, including:

  • Is the toy safe and age appropriate?
  • Is the toy durable?
  • Can the toy be played with in more than one way?
  • Does the toy appeal to several senses?
  • Can the toy be used in more than one place?
  • Can the toy be used in more than one position? 

Click here for the AOTA article.


Katie and the other pediatric occupational therapists are here to help.

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