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March 15, 2017

Occupational therapist, Jessica Hoffarth shares info about Astronaut Training®


Recently, the Child and Family Development multidisciplinary team gathered to collaborate and exchange expert information.  In February, Jessica Hoffarth MS OTR/L, an occupational therapist at the Midtown office shared information about Astronaut Training¬Æ.

Astronaut Training® is a specific sound-activated visual-vestibular treatment protocol designed to improve the dynamic interplay of movement hearing and vision. The Astronaut Training Protocol supports postural development, motor skills, timing and coordination, spatial awareness, sequencing, balance, eye muscle control, and visual perception. The Astronaut Program is safe and effective for all ages and a wide variety of diagnoses.

This is a treatment protocol for vestibular habilitation, developed by two occupational therapists which incorporates therapeutically imposed movement, visual (sight) and auditory (sound) activities that are fun and appealing to children.  According to their website, “children with vestibular processing dysfunction have poor motor coordination skills, may be fearful of movement, awkward, clumsy, fall and bump into things. These children may have poor balance.  They may appear to be ‚Äúsquirmy‚Äù, ‚Äúfidgety‚Äù, or be described as the child who ‚Äúdoesn‚Äôt stop moving‚Äù. Children with vestibular processing dysfunction may appear to be ‚Äúlost in space‚Äù.  Their actual experience may feel similar to the sensation astronauts feel when gravity is eliminated; thus the term Astronaut Training.”

Jessica shared the many activities and the protocol with her occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and psychology colleagues at both the Pineville and Charlotte/ Midtown offices.

Want to learn more?  Call us to schedule a free phone call with Jessica!



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