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July 13, 2016

memory tips for ADHD students

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) symptoms, medication, treatment, information, help and diagnosis for ADD adults and parents of children with ADHD and learning disabilities from ADDitude magazine.

Additude magazine, a publication offering strategies and support for ADHD and LD, recently included an article title 6 Memory Tips for ADHD Students.  

These tips are focused on a classroom, but may be easily modified for social and family scenarios: 

  1. Draw or create vivid pictures depicting information that needs to be memorized.
  2. Teach memory strategies, such as popular mnemonics like HOMES (the Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior)
  3. Create acrostics or whole sentences. A long-time favorite is ‚ÄúEvery Good Boy Does Fine‚Äù to recall the sequence of lines in the treble clef (EGBDF).
  4. Try melody and rhythm to teach a series or sequence. Some old-school examples include memorizing multiplication tables and US presidents. 
  5. Use songs specially created to teach grade-level content. Musically Aligned creates music and lyrics geared to teach specific topics. 
  6. Immediately following the lesson or conversation, ask the person to list the things they remember. 

Our team of 7 psychologists often provides suggestions like these and others for children, teens and young adults diagnosed with attention difficulties and/or learning disabilities during psychoeducational assessments. Learn more about these services here.