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May 25, 2016

managing (or minimizing!) IEP disputes

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At Child and Family Development, Mary “Mo” Froneberger MAT is one of three Educational Specialists who helps parents navigate the school system including IEPs.   

Recently, Mo reviewed an article from about options for resolving an IEP dispute, based the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) gives you several ways to resolve disputes: 

  • Informal Negotiation: Talking with the school during IEP meetings
  • Mediation: A voluntary process with third-party help
  • Due Process Hearing: Starts with formal complaint and ends with decision
  • Civil Lawsuit: Going to court after due process
  • State Complaint: Asking the state to step in
  • Office for Civil Rights: Going to the feds

While she found the suggestions practical and informative, Mo prefers avoiding or minimizing conflict from the beginning.  During consultations and conferences with families, Mo often recommends the following when families are faced with difficulties, knowing it can be difficult to be your both a parent and advocate.

A C&FD educator can also assist you via evaluations, consultations, tutoring and academic coaching.      

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