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November 21, 2014

Learning Disabilities and Early Development


Parents often wonder about the possibility of learning disabilities and the best time to pursue intervention for their child‚Äôs struggles. Earlier research and literature suggested a more ‚Äúwait-and-see‚Äù approach that favored holding out until the student reached the third grade to determine whether or not the issues had resolved. However, by that time, the child may be experiencing anxiety, self-doubt, and failure. 


Consequently, newer models support more proactive strategies that take into account the student‚Äôs pattern of development and early skill acquisition. Because learning disabilities can impact many areas of life, the child‚Äôs frustration and failure can be minimized by early evaluation and intervention. By examining the pattern and persistence of a child‚Äôs struggles, a parent can better determine whether a problem might warrant a closer look.