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October 31, 2017

Learn to keyboard with educator, Marie Arrington: INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY


Follow us throughout October as Marie Arrington MAT, educational specialist shares the benefits of keyboarding. 

She is certified in Keyboarding Without Tears (KWT) from Learning Without Tears‚Ñ¢.  Keyboarding Without Tears (KWT) from Learning Without Tears¬Æ is a web-based curriculum for grades K‚Äì5 that teaches typing, general computer readiness, digital citizenship and online test prep.  Promoted as a first step of digital learning, KWT teaches children the skills they will need to type fluently, learn computer functions, format text and discover how to interact in many online environments. 

The 5th benefit of becoming efficient at typing is INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

  • One final, important benefit to developing your child‚Äôs efficient keyboarding skills is that it ultimately increases their productivity. They‚Äôre working faster and feeling less frustrated which increases motivation and ultimately increases the amount of work they are able to get done in a much shorter amount of time. That‚Äôs a win for all! 

So, in summary of this month’s keyboarding benefits: Typing is an important skill to teach your child because it decreases the amount of TIME they spend on assignments, improves ACCURACY, helps build their CONFIDENCE, prepares them to be READY for SCHOOL, and increases their PRODUCTIVITY!

Contact Marie at 704-372-9652 ext. 216 to develop a customized plan for your student. 

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