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April 27, 2018

Kids & Coordination

Many families report that their child is “a little clumsy.” For some families, it can be difficult to recognize if this is simply part of development and adjusting to a growing body or an area of weakness that needs to be explored more closely.

Could you describe your child in any of these ways?

  1. Bumping into things all the time, or accident-prone
  2. Inability or difficulty with skipping, jumping rope or climbing
  3. Strong but not very coordinated
  4. Falling out of chairs, knocking things over or messy
  5. Awkward or difficulty walking or running
  6. Difficulty playing, participating or insecurities with sports or games

A trained pediatric occupational therapist or physical therapist can assist the child in learning ways to improve their motor planning abilities to become more successful with gross motor learning and performance.

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