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April 11, 2016

Is my child dyslexic? from the International Dyslexia Association


Our Educators regularly provide resources to students and their families.  The International Dyslexia Association¬Æ has a wonderful handout title “Is My Child Dyslexic?” that is available on their website, along with several other fact sheets.  Here are some highlights:  

Common characteristics of dyslexia? People often present with 1-2 of these, not all of them.

  • Examples: late talkers; difficulty with directions; small vocabulary; poor word retrieval
  • Examples: difficulty learning to read, rhyme and count; transposing order of letters; poor reading comprehension
  • Examples: spelling mistakes; difficulty putting ideas on paper 

Other symptoms that occur with dyslexia?

  • difficulty naming colors, objects and letters rapidly and in a sequence
  • weak memory for lists and facts
  • distracted by visual and auditory stimuli

Other learning disabilities?

  • related to Handwriting; examples: unsure handedness; poor and slow handwriting; poor fine motor skills
  • related to Math; examples: difficulty counting; calculation errors; poor memorization of math facts
  • related to Attention; examples: inattention, distractibility; impulsivity; hyperactivity 
  • related to motor skills; examples: difficulty planning and coordinating body movements
  • related to organization; examples: loses papers; poor sense of time; forgets homework; messy

What special instruction strategies might be helpful?

  • Intensive
  • Explicit
  • Systematic and cumulative
  • Structured
  • Multisensory 

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