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February 26, 2015

IEP Meetings: before the meeting

In North Carolina, most public schools manage an Individualize Education Plan (IEP) for elementary, middle and high school students via a standard process.  There are many resources available to parents including the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center Parent Training & Information Center

At Child and Family Development, Mary “Mo” Froneberger and the other Educational Specialists can help parents make the most of an IEP meeting, based on their professional experiences in local public schools and working knowledge of the system.  

Mary is starting a blog series that offers some suggestions, including what to do before the IEP meeting, based on the ECAC.

REVIEW:  A parent will receive a written invitation or a notice from the school to schedule the IEP.  Read over the notice carefully to determine the purpose of the meeting, who will be attending and the date and time. 

RESPOND: Sign the notice and make a copy for your records.  Then, return it in a timely manner. You should include your suggestions, comments or concerns here.   

Connect with our Educators directly if you have questions about the IEP process by calling 704-541-9080.  

Read more about our educational assessment and support services here

Be on the lookout for the next blog which will include suggestions on what to do during an IEP meeting.