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August 28, 2015

Hooray for Homework!


From the sun and sand of summer to the supplies and schedules for school‚ĶFall is upon us!  For many families, it can be especially challenging to figure out how to fit in homework time.  A few tips will help bring organization to those hectic afternoons:

 ¬∑        Establish an after-school routine so that your child knows what to expect every day.

¬∑        Take the opportunity to learn more about teacher expectations.  Teachers often give tests and projects on certain days of the week.  This information can help students plan their study time in advance so they are not working at the last minute.

¬∑        Plan homework time before dinner.  Children are more positive and focused when they are not tired.

¬∑        Create a designated homework area.  This spot should include a hard work surface, a chair with a supportive back, and good lighting.  Use a nearby drawer or caddy to store materials, such as extra paper and pencils.

¬∑        Have your child mark off each assignment as it is completed.  Pictures can be a fun, visual reminder of what needs to be done.  Young children often enjoy choosing stickers to fill in their charts.  This self-monitoring helps to develop a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. 

¬∑        Pack all materials and get parent signatures at the end of homework time.  This will prevent rushing and frustration on the way out the door in the morning.

¬∑        Develop a menu of rewards to celebrate your child‚Äôs success in completing and turning in all assignments for a designated period of time.  These rewards could include a trip for ice cream, a later bedtime on a weekend night, or a fun family outing.

¬∑        If homework takes hours and causes frustration, consult with your child‚Äôs teacher to plan strategies that might help. 

Our Educators have spent a number of years in both the public and private school settings.  At Child and Family Development, they enjoy working with children who have learning disabilities, dyslexia, and attention deficit disorders.  We can help students with school and homework.